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eSwatini, Africa

eSwatini, Africa, Formerly known as "Swaziland", is a country about the size of New Jersey that is landlocked by South Africa and Mozambique. Having the highest rate of HIV/AIDS per capita in the world, eSwatini has nearly the lowest life expectancy on the planet, resulting in tens of thousands of children living without their parents. It is estimated that 32% of all children 18 years and under are considered orphaned or vulnerable. 

From 2014-2016, eSwatini experienced a drought that resulted in a 60% reduction in corn harvest, causing nutritional decreases that can alter overall health. Although some rain has fallen in 2018, the small country is still far from the average rainfall. 


eSwatini, Africa

At Compassionate Life, we take these concerns seriously and are in pursuit of raising orphaned children as our own so that they can experience all life has to

offer. We have also taken agricultural steps, amidst the drought, to teach 

farming techniques so that the children can learn how to live sustainably in a harsh environment. 

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