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Children's Home

Compassionate Life partners with El Shaddai Children's Home where the students and staff live on campus and provide housing, clothing, medical care, school fees, and guidance. Compassionate Life works closely with El Shaddai to ensure every child is loved and taken care of. 

Due to the AIDS epidemic, it is estimated that 32% of all children 18 years and under are living without their parents. El Shaddai raises over 65 orphaned and vulnerable children as their own, from ages as young as two and as old as eighteen. 

At El Shaddai, children are raised by their "aunties" and receive care and love as well as learn quality life skills through trades and education. Boys and girls are giving opportunities to learn and grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 



At El Shaddai, the children are responsible and given ownership of a community farm. They are taught farming techniques, animal care, and also use resources on the farm to feed and take care of the other children sustainably. 






The farm is continuously growing and thriving as we grow and can increase our plots, farming equipment, and capability. Through your donations, we able to provide education to the children on farming as well as equip them with the tools necessary to maintain and increase the farm and animals that sustain the community!


to eSwatini, Africa

Every other year for two weeks, Compassionate Life hosts a mission trip to eSwatini where churches, sponsors, and even youth students can make a difference at El Shaddai. 

During the day, the missions team will be working on projects on campus and providing for the needs of the school and during the evenings, have the opportunity to interact and play with the children. 

Previous projects at El Shaddai have included funding of a church build, building and maintaining the El Shaddai Primary School, planting trees and gardens, and providing school needs such as uniforms and school fees. 

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