Our Current Needs

Sponsorships cover 60% of our monthly budget. Compassionate Life relies on fundraisers for the additional 40% and any unexpected or emergency costs. 



It is that time of year when we get to start shopping for over 60 children! Now is the best time to shop. You can help make Christmas special for a child with a donation of just $5! For every $5 donated, we will put your name on a Lego for the children to play with. 

For Christmas, the children get a special meal, school uniform and shoes and school fees paid, a church and play outfit, undies and socks, toiletries and a face towel and towel (if money allows), and a small toy. The children do not get clothes throughout the year, so these are very special to them! 
This year, if we raise enough funds, each child will receive a new mattress (called a "sponge" in eSwatini). These are very needed this year!
The caregivers and staff will also receive a special meal and food package for their family. 

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