Our Current Needs

Sponsorships cover 60% of our monthly budget. Compassionate Life relies on fundraisers for the additional 40% and any unexpected or emergency costs. 

Education is the most

powerful weapon which you
can use to change the world
– Nelson Mandela
Make an investment today to help change a nation tomorrow!

Education is not free in eSwatini for our Secondary  (High School) students. 

All our students from Preschool to Secondary are required to wear uniforms. 

We have been given the opportunity to offer a resource called The SmartBox to help our children succeed. https://thesmartbox.net/  We have a matching donation of $4000 to help provide this resource!

For the school year beginning the end of January 2020, we have the following financial education needs*: 

School Shoes  $20 each  

Total $1250

Uniforms $30 each

Total $1700

School Fees $300 each

Total $2300


Total $4000

*All fees are dependent on exchange rate and are an estimation based on previous year expenses. Any additional money raised will be used for greatest need. 

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