A Peek into Life at El Shaddai

Kids being kids


There are certain aspects of being a kid that seem universal. Kids love to laugh, make silly faces, be cool, and even get into mischief.


Our children here a El Shaddai are certainly no exception. They are full of laughter. They make some truly classic faces. They can be just as cool as any kid. And yes, they can be mischievous (they know they are not suppose to play on the water tank platform).


Kids being kids.


Our El Shaddai kids
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It isn't all fun and games at El Shaddai.


There are plenty of chores to do: sweeping the yard (a Swazi tradition), pigs to feed, dishes to wash, a cook fire to tend, and lots of El Shaddai younger brothers and sisters who need looking out for. . . and of course, homework.


Without our Staff, there would be no El Shaddai

Charmain (here with Cynthia) started El Shaddai over twenty years ago and has grown it into the safe haven for orphans that it is today. 


Anton and Chanel are the next generation of El Shaddai managers and have taken on many of the day-to-day responsiblities that keep El Shaddai functioning.

And only our Aunties can keep track of, feed and put to bed our 65 active, giggly and some times misbehaving kids.


Sabelo takes care of non-stop needed maintenance.

Doris and Fikele keep our garden growing and animals cared for!

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