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The Compassionate Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves orphaned and vulnerable children in eswatini, Africa. With support from community, Compassionate Life strives to provide for every need a child may have. Through a partnership with El Shaddai Children's Home, caregivers are able to provide housing, food, education, and much more to the children of eSwatini. Our organization continues to improve the quality of life to every child each and every day. 

Compassionate Life is dedicated to making a difference in eSwatini, Africa. Through mentorship and relationships, we are able to provide for mental, physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs of orphans and vulnerable children. 

Through your support, faces that once reflected fear, pain, and despair are now becoming smiling, joyful faces of hope with a future! 

It is estimated that 32% of children 18 years and under are considered orphans or vulnerable children in eSwatini. Compassionate Life is committed to building sustainable, long-term relationships, turning strangers into family members. 

It is our Mission to serve the community of eSwatini, providing a safe living environment, education opportunities, and more!

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Compassionate Life partners with El Shaddai Children's Home where the students and staff live on campus and provide housing, clothing, medical care, school fees, and guidance. El Shaddai raises over 50 orphaned and vulnerable children as their own, from ages as young as two and as old as eighteen. 

Faces that once reflected fear, pain, and despair are now becoming smiling, joyful face of hope with a future! 

One child can change a community. 
A community can change a region. 
A region can change a nation. 
A nation can change the world. 

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