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El Shaddai
Farming Cultivation

We believe that childhood should be preserved and protected at all costs. Every child deserves to grow up without fear or pain and experience love and care. At El Shaddai, we take orphaned and vulnerable children under our care in hopes of redeeming their childhood experience and equipping them with the best chance of success as they age.

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El Shaddai equips children with the knowledge of agriculture and farming to ensure they never have to depend on another for their nourishment.

Not only do we equip children with the knowledge, we also help them develop a proficiency in farming as an opportunity for employment or means of income when they turn 18 and begin their adult lives. El Shaddai strongly believes that all children should receive an opportunity to provide for themselves and find ways to earn an income and make a difference in their communities. 

It's not just about farming...

At El Shaddai, we teach children how to care for one another through the development of jobs and roles where every child contributes. We foster a home where everyone is welcome and everyone has a place. Our farm serves as our source of food that nourishes every individual but also a source of learning and education for every boy and girl. 

In eSwatini, girls are taught more traditional roles as they will eventually apply them in their own families such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, and more. Boys similar are taught traditional culturally relevent roles such as farming, trades, and more outdoor work that will equip them with the life experience necessary to provide for their families while also developing a source of income. 

At El Shaddai, we operate as a family unit, constantly serving one another and contributing to our community.

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Your donation to El Shaddai farm helps us directly expand our enclosures, our farmable land, and provides our community with additional food.

We are so grateful for your desire to make a donation to El Shaddai. We are blessed in many ways and we would not be able to continue doing what we are doing without your help. As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of others and utilize our resources strategically and with longevity in mind. Our Farm is so important to El Shaddai as it is the means of food and learning cherished among our community. 



Thank you for your generosity!

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