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Our children are growing like weeds at El Shaddai. Read the blog for updates on milestones worth celebrating.

Themple is learning a lot this year. He is working on controlling his behavior and is enjoying the extra attention he gets spending time with Anthony and Jancie at the Komati location. Pray for his self control and that he will know he is loved!

April is getting so big! She moved up to the "big girls" dorm this year and started school. She is very smart and loves to attend school. She is adjusting to being in a different dorm. Pray for her confidence in this new season of her life.

Musi Hlophe is full of energy. You always know where he is and he is always full of smiles and fun! You can't have a bad day when Musi is there to cheer you up! Pray for his spunk to not go away, but to learn to control his energy (very hard for a boy!).

Sakhile Dlamini is quiet and very protective of his brothers...and me! He is pictured here capturing a snake that had come in to our room! Pray for him to know that he is deeply loved by God and known by Him.

Welcome is growing into a man! He turned 18 this year. He struggled in school this past year, but is determined to do better this year and become a Godly man. Prayers for Welcome as he walks into manhood for humility and clarity for his path.

Ketabahle (Bahle) is so smart. He is top of his class every year and is teaching me siSwati (well, trying to). Prayers for Bahle to use his knowledge for good and to learn humility.

If you would like more information about how to sponsor one of these children, please email or sign up on our website.

And a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANK YOU to Chanel! Chanel is our operations and finance co-manager, which she has done with excellence all while raising a spirited daughter and 2 toddler boys. She, along with Anton, is making a difference every single day. Chanel is fiercely loyal. Her honesty and integrity are admirable. She is full of passion and grit and I am proud to call her not only my friend, but my "family". Pray for Chanel as she navigates motherhood and a relationship and taking care of over 60 children! We love you, Chanel, for all you are and all you do.

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