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Cynthia Ziegler: "A piece of my heart is always with El Shaddai." Following God's pull to eSwatini, Africa.

It's hard to believe that in 1 week, my feet will be standing in the place I love, a place that a piece of my heart forever will be. Without a doubt, God led me to eSwatini and El Shaddai. What there is also no doubt of is that prayer places a large part of our mission in eSwatini. All the planning and organizing that go in to a trip is overwhelming at times, but all the worry disappears as soon as the first child's smile appears and arms wrap around my waist.

Cynthia, Coetta Adams, and Kassi Adams are all traveling together this year. We have a lot to accomplish while in eSwatini. We would love to have you pray for our adventure while we are there. Would you be willing to commit to one day of prayer while we are in eSwatini? If so, email and I will send you a day as well as our agenda for the day...a very tentative agenda. It is amazing how often our agenda changes!

Flexibility and God's leading are necessary for survival! Will be heading to Toronto for our first flight on Sunday, June 23rd and landing back in Toronto on Sunday, July 14th. Our goal is to have a prayer partner assigned for every day by Friday!

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