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Congratulations Ayanda!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Congratulations are due to Ayanda Mamba who got a 1st class on his grade 7 exam! This is a great accomplishment in eSwatini. Upon completion of Grade 7, students take national exams. They then have to wait several weeks for results that are published in the paper.

These children live "down the mountain" at the ESM Komati location. Anthony and Jancie are the supervisors at Komati. Pray for them as living with that many teenagers has it's triumphs and challenges!

Be in prayer for Ayanda (boy in gray shirt) and Welcome (boy in white shirt) as well as Ayanda (girl), Nomphilo, Nonsikelelo (Ziki), Nothando, Siphe, and Xolile start a new school year in 2 weeks! Phiwa will be finishing primary school. Ayanda boy, Ayanda girl, and Siphe, recently moved to their new home and are getting adjusted. High School (secondary) will be a big adjustment! We pray for their success and their strength of character for all our kids!

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